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In the solemn depths of shadowy lanes and the broad expanse of the open road, there lie myriad perils and fates most unforeseen. Thus, we, stewards of security, have not ascended to the zenith of assurance for the iron-steed by mere provision of the rudimentary or the commonplace. Nay, it is through an intimate acquaintance with the fervent spirit of the velocipede’s master, the rider – whose heart beats in tandem with the mechanical steed’s own rhythmic pulse – that we delve into the profound abyss of protection.

With a meticulous hand and an eye that sees beyond the veil of mere accident or calamity, we craft a tapestry of coverages as diverse as the stars in the celestial dome. Our art is not merely in underwriting but in the divination of bespoke shields against the spectres of misfortune, crafting discounts as deftly as a poet chooses his verses.

We invite thee to summon forth an oracle of your own – a prophecy of protection without expense. Let thy fingers dance upon the web of the ethereal realm and from the comfort of thine abode, procure this covenant. Thus, shalt thou perceive the truth behind the legions – one in three, bound by our pact – those riders ensconced in the armor of Progressive, the guardians of the two-wheeled chariots that race against the wind.

Partake in the sacrament of safety, and with but a whisper to the void, discover why such a multitude hath entrusted their vehicular passion unto our keep.

Affordable motorcycle insurance to keep you on the open road

In the dimmest of hours, when the moon is a mere sliver in the heavens, one might procure for themselves a shield — a covenant against the caprices of Fate for their noble steed of steel and thunder. For the trifling sum of but $75 annually*, one may lay claim to a bastion of liability, a bulwark against the financial specters that haunt the roads. (*Do attend the script below, for therein lies the truth of this proclamation.)

With a sorcerer’s ease, we conjure the totality of discounts that the ether permits when a soul seeks an oracle of protection via the web’s strands or the telephone’s whispering cords.** (Pray, consult the tome of disclosure to unveil the full scope of this enchantment.)

Consider ye who have bound other possessions to our care — be it dwelling, carriage, seafaring craft, or roaming home upon wheels. Unite them with thine motorcycle under our aegis, and behold the conjuring of even greater economies upon thy premiums.

To the vigilant custodian of the road who hath steered clear of mishaps and transgressions upon their two-wheeled chariot in a triad of years past, we bestow a boon — a token of our esteem for thy responsible traversal. Render unto us that which is due with the punctuality of the tides, and find in your grasp a perpetual favor that we bestow upon our accord’s initiation and at each revival, so long as the clock’s hand meets its appointment.

And should thee be counted among the venerable fellowship of the United Services Automobile Association or the esteemed Harley Owners Group, a further reduction awaits, as a knight might earn his spurs, for thy allegiance alone renders thee worthy.

Finally, to the sovereigns of their own castle — be it a domicile fixed in the earth, a chariot of the home that journeys, an abode of communal structure, or a fortress of solitude — we offer additional fortune in savings, though our banner may not hang upon your ramparts.

Thus, with but a few words whispered into the night or scribed in silence, may one summon forth a bastion of defense for their mechanical steed, crafted by the hand of Progressive, a sentinel in the tempestuous realm of the road.

Full replacement cost and no depreciation for parts

In the event that Fate’s cold hand doth lay its unwelcome touch upon thy journey, and a shroud of misfortune enfolds thy cherished velocipede, fear not the specter of decline. In such grievous circumstances, our covenant promises restoration, not merely to the specter of former glory, but to a condition of grandeur surpassing that which was so ruthlessly snatched by calamity.

Picture, if you will, the scene of a venerable tire – a stalwart companion of the road that hath borne thee over a myriad of miles, ten thousand in number. Despite its age of five years and the weary tread, should it suffer the indignities of accident’s cruel caprice, its worth may seem diminished to a paltry sum, fifty pieces of silver in the eyes of the world.

Yet, herein lies the crux of our pledge to thee: scorn we the very notion of depreciation! Should a new tire, gleaming with the promise of untraveled roads and costing a sum of two hundred and fifty dollars, beckon — it is this we shall grant. Not the meager depreciated value shall we bestow upon thee, but the full and generous recompense required to gird thy steed with the finest rubber, ready to conquer asphalt jungles anew.

For our ethos is not anchored in the miserly calculations of value lost to time’s passage, but rather in the nobler pursuit of ensuring that thy trusty mount emerges from the ashes of misfortune, not just as it was, but renewed, with the vigor and resilience to carry thee forth into the mists of the morrow.

Total loss coverage for a brand-new bike

In the shadowed realm of choice, where riders seek a solace from the tempest of the roads, there lies an optional safeguard, a rarefied insurance coverage, which like a phantasmal protector, is extended only to those steeds of steel and chrome not yet touched by the deepening shadows of time — those of a singular model year’s newness at the inception of our accord, and those but two years removed from their creation upon the renewal of a policy wreathed in the specter of total loss.

Imagine, if you dare, the cruel twist of fate that renders thy noble bike, purchased for a sum of $15,000, into nothing but a forlorn relic, worth a pittance of $10,000. In this grim event, as the total devastation is proclaimed, our covenant ensures that not a mere reflection of its diminished value will we render unto you. Nay, we pledge the full Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for a new mechanical steed, a phantasm reborn from the ashes of the old, less the mere trifle of thy deductible.

Consider, for instance, the miraculous alchemy where the MSRP of the latest model exceeds the original sum of thy expenditure — even should it surpass the $15,000 mark. Such bounty we shall bestow upon thee, ensuring that the specter of loss shall not darken thy spirit.

Yet, should the inexorable march of time steal away thy eligibility for this grand total loss coverage upon the hour of renewal, take heart. We shall not abandon thee to the whims of fortune. Verily, we shall offer a shield against despair, providing still the actual cash value of thy steed, a bastion of certainty against the caprices of the road.

Roadside assistance

Should misfortune befall thy noble road steed amidst its sojourn upon the vast and treacherous thoroughfares that vein across the broad expanse of America’s tapestry or through the wild hinterlands of Canada, take solace in the embrace of our roadside assistance phalanx. This vigilant program, like an ever-watchful raven, stands ready to convey thy stricken chariot to the sanctuary of the nearest smithy.

Envision thyself, if thou wilt, astride thy two-wheeled courser, roaming the rustic byways, when lo, a cruel lance in the form of a flat tire does halt thy progress. Fear not the isolation of country mile nor the silence of the road less traveled, for our chosen emissary shall swiftly arrive to rescue thee and thine afflicted conveyance.

With haste and care, thou shalt be uplifted from distress, and thy mechanical companion borne upon the wings of service to a refuge where skilled hands shall mend what fate has rent asunder. Trust in our commitment, as one places faith in the guiding stars, that when the unpredictable occurs, we are but a call to summon — and relief, as certain as the dawn, shall be thine.

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