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The joint was lit up with the glow of a dozen screens, each one humming with the promise of the digital age. Haven Life, a joint with an online-first approach, was playing the game like a seasoned pro, dealing in the kind of term life insurance that had folks lining up without ever stepping through a door.

This rap sheet on Haven Life was a real dime novel, spelling out the costs, policies, and the kind of questions that kept smart guys and dolls up at night. If you were in the market for a policy and preferred your business without the song and dance of face-to-face palaver, this review was your ticket.

Haven Life had set up shop in the shadows of the internet, a place where you could tip your hat to the middleman and say goodbye. It was a new racket, clean and neat, and it was changing the game for every Tom, Dick, and Harriet looking for the peace of mind that comes with a square deal.

So if you’re looking to get yourself covered with the least amount of fuss, take a gander at this breakdown. It’ll help you figure whether Haven Life is the big cheese, the best life insurance provider for your needs, or just another two-bit operation. But from the looks of it, they were the real McCoy.

In a city where the truth was as murky as a foggy night in November, Haven Life was the streetlamp that cut through the mist. Here’s the lowdown on their wares, the kind of info that could help a guy or gal sleep at night, knowing their ducks were in a row.

The Two Paths: Haven Simple vs. Haven Term

There were two roads in Haven Life’s town, and they didn’t cross. First, there was Haven Simple — the straight shot, no detours. You could hitch this ride straight through the internet, answer a few pointed questions, and if you played it straight, you were in. No sawbones visit needed. You paid your dime, and the deal was sealed.

Then there was Haven Term, the main drag, a bit more scenic, with a few more twists and turns. You could still start this journey online, but there might be a stopover for a check-up, a little dance with the doc to make sure you were playing with a full deck.

The Policy Skinny

Both roads — Haven Simple and Haven Term — led to the same place: a guaranteed stash of cash for the beneficiaries, tax-free, no strings attached, assuming you kept up your end of the bargain and the premiums flowed like clockwork. Both policies had an ace up their sleeve — an accelerated death benefit, for those who hit a streak of bad luck.

But Haven Term had a little extra jazz in its step. It came bundled with Haven Life Plus, a sweet little extra that packed more punch than a $700 pot — stuff like a digital will and a ticket to the fitness app big leagues.

The Stakes: Coverage Limits

In this game, the stakes mattered. Haven Simple played it cool with up to a mil in coverage, and a twenty-year cap on the term. Haven Term, on the other hand, was the high roller’s choice: up to three big ones in coverage, with the clock ticking for thirty years.

Who’s In and Who’s Out: Coverage Restrictions

Haven Simple was for the youthful crowd, the bright young things between 20 and 55, but it was no dice for folks in a handful of states. Haven Term, the more seasoned player, called to the under-65 set and rolled out the welcome mat nationwide, though Haven Life Plus didn’t make the trip to every state.

The Straight Dope: Bottom Line

If your game was fast and loose, no time for medical exams and a penchant for the digital life, Haven Simple was your ticket. But if you were playing the long game, looking for a heftier safety net and some sweeteners to boot, Haven Term was your man, with Haven Life Plus as the cherry on top.

So there it was, the dossier on Haven Life, typed up and tied with a ribbon. Whether you were a high-flyer or a straight-shooter, they had a policy to match your style. And in this city, making the right choice could mean the difference between a happy ending and a one-way trip to Palookaville.

Term Life Insurance Options From Haven Life

Haven Life had a spread like a buffet laid out for kings and commoners alike, with offerings that could make a hard-hearted insurance agent weep. They had their pieces on the board: Haven Simple and Haven Term, each with its own rules, its own territory.

The Quick and the Dead: Haven Simple’s Pitch

Haven Simple was for the fast movers, the up-and-comers not yet at the mid-century mark. Coverage that could be light as a feather or heavy as a loaded dice — from $25,000 to a cool mil. Terms shorter than a season in hell — 5 to 20 years, no more, no less. The sweet part? No riders to complicate the story, but an accelerated death benefit was in the mix, a safety valve for a rainy day. But, like a speakeasy during the prohibition, it kept its door closed to folks from a handful of states.

The Long Game: Haven Term’s Offer

Haven Term was the long haul trucker, carrying the big loads for the long roads, all the way up to $3 million, with the clock running up to 30 years. It wasn’t just the basics with Haven Term; they threw in the Haven Life Plus, a little extra for the soul — the digital afterlife care of a will, a vault for your life’s documents, and a ticket to the fitness big leagues. They dangled some of these carrots for free, others for a song.

But there was a catch — this sweet deal, Haven Life Plus, it wasn’t for everyone. Five states were left in the cold, their residents pressing their noses to the glass, looking in at the warmth.

The Final Word: State by State, Age by Age

So there you had it. Haven Life laid out their cards for all to see. Whether you were just starting to roll the dice in life or were holding a hand that had seen better days, they had a policy for you. But like all things in this world and the next, the fine print mattered. Your age, your zip code — they wrote your destiny in the insurance game as much as the coins in your pocket.

How Do I Buy Life Insurance From Haven Life?

The Playbook: How to Lock in Your Haven Life Policy

In the neon glow of Haven Life’s corner of the web, the game was simple — a few clicks, a few questions, and you could be sitting pretty with a policy in your pocket. But like all good heists, it had its steps, and you had to walk each one like a tightrope.

Step One: The Quote Quickstep

You start with the shimmy up to Haven’s online quote calculator — the crystal ball that’d spell out the future with numbers and dollar signs. It’d tease you with coverage options, whispering sweet nothings of potential rates into your ear.

Step Two: Nabbing Your Real Rate

If the numbers danced to your tune, there was a button waiting to be pushed — “Get your real rate.” That was your ticket to the big leagues, the start of the caper. A click here, a fill-in there, and you were on your way to the bona fides.

Step Three: The Medical Exam Mambo (If You Dance That Number)

Once your John Hancock was on their digital line, the clock started ticking. If you were rolling with the Haven Term, you’d get a buzz from ExamOne, the doc on the call. They’d give you five days to pick up the phone, and thirty to get poked and prodded, if that was part of the deal. No need for the cotton swab shuffle if you were walking the Haven Simple path, though.

You’d fast like you were going for saintliness, then let them take a little from the vein, a little from the bladder. They’d give you the once-over at your chosen spot, making it as painless as a cat burglar’s exit. Then came the wait — a week of thumb twirling while Haven Life played the numbers game with your bodily fluids.

Step Four: The Big Decision — Yay or Nay to the Policy

When the word came down, it was showtime. Take the deal, and you’d dance through the digital paperwork like Astaire on a good day. No need for pen and paper; your digits did the talking, tapping “yes” on screens, and signing on dotted lines with the flick of a mouse.

The Solo Act: No Middlemen in Haven Life’s Show

Agents were yesterday’s news in Haven’s book. They cut out the middleman like last year’s fashions. You were the boss, the kingpin — you managed your life insurance like a maestro, with nothing but your wits and your Wi-Fi. So there it stood, Haven Life’s operation laid bare. A do-it-yourself dance with destiny, all from the glow of your own screen, all to the tune of your own life’s soundtrack.

The texts provided paint a detailed picture of Haven Life’s insurance offerings, presenting a modern, efficient approach to purchasing and managing life insurance. Here’s a rundown of the pros and cons to help decide whether this company is the right fit for you:

Pros of Choosing Haven Life:

  1. Digital Convenience: Haven Life’s entire process from quote to policy management is online, catering to the digitally-savvy individual who prefers quick, self-service options.
  2. No Medical Exam for Haven Simple: If you’re looking for a hassle-free insurance process without a medical exam, Haven Simple provides this benefit, speeding up the acquisition of your policy.
  3. Flexibility in Coverage: With coverage ranging from $25,000 to $3 million and terms from 5 to 30 years, there is flexibility to find a policy that suits various needs and budgets.
  4. Additional Benefits with Haven Term: The Haven Term policy includes the Haven Life Plus rider, offering services like a digital will and fitness app memberships, providing more value for your investment.
  5. Accelerated Death Benefit: Both policies offer an accelerated death benefit, which can be crucial if the insured encounters a serious health condition.

Cons of Choosing Haven Life:

  1. Age and State Limitations: Haven Simple is not available to individuals over 55 or to residents of certain states, which can be restrictive.
  2. Medical Exam for Haven Term: If you’re opting for the more extensive coverage of Haven Term, you might need to undergo a medical exam, which can be inconvenient.
  3. No Agents: The absence of agents means you must be comfortable navigating the process yourself, which might be a drawback for those who prefer a personal touch.
  4. Rider Availability: The Haven Life Plus rider is not available in several states, which means customers in those locations don’t get the full spectrum of benefits that others do.
  5. No Permanent Life Insurance Options: Haven Life specializes in term life insurance, so if you’re seeking whole life or other permanent life insurance options, you’ll need to look elsewhere.


Haven Life stands out as a solid choice for individuals who are comfortable with an online-first approach and are in the market for term life insurance. The streamlined process, absence of a required medical exam for the Haven Simple policy, and the additional benefits included in the Haven Term policy make it an attractive option for those who value efficiency and added perks.

However, those who are outside the age or geographic eligibility, prefer in-person guidance from an insurance agent, or are seeking a permanent life insurance policy might find Haven Life less suitable. The decision ultimately hinges on personal preferences, needs, and circumstances.

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