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Foremost Motorcycle Insurance

Foremost Motorcycle Insurance, a company with a rich history dating back to 1952, stands as a testament to enduring quality and innovation in the realm of motorcycle insurance. Its integration into the Farmers Insurance Group in 2000 marked a significant milestone, blending Foremost’s specialized expertise with Farmers’ broad-based insurance knowledge. This alliance has fortified Foremost’s position in the market, allowing it to leverage the robust infrastructure and resources of a larger entity while retaining its unique approach to motorcycle insurance.

Unique Offerings and Competitive Edge

Foremost sets itself apart in the motorcycle insurance sector with distinctive features that cater to a wide range of motorcyclists’ needs. One of its standout offerings is the inclusion of accident forgiveness for the first accident in all its policies. This feature reflects a commitment to customer loyalty and understanding, acknowledging that even the most careful riders can have mishaps.

Furthermore, Foremost shines in its specialty coverage options. It is the only insurer among those evaluated to offer track day coverage. This coverage is specifically tailored for motorcyclists who participate in organized, non-competitive drives on racetracks or closed courses. This unique offering demonstrates Foremost’s deep understanding of the diverse lifestyles and interests within the motorcycle community.

Additionally, the transport trailer coverage, with a substantial limit of up to $10,000, caters to those who frequently transport their bikes. Whether it’s for track days, exhibitions, or other events, this coverage ensures that riders’ investments in their bikes and transport equipment are well protected.

Foremost Motorcycle Insurance emerges as a specialized and customer-focused provider in the motorcycle insurance landscape. Its unique offerings, like accident forgiveness, track day, and transport trailer coverage, not only differentiate it from competitors but also cater to the specific and varied needs of motorcycle enthusiasts. The company’s history, combined with its innovative approach to coverage, makes it a compelling choice for riders seeking tailored insurance solutions.

In-Depth Analysis of Foremost Motorcycle Insurance

The Saver Package: Basic Yet Essential Coverage

The Saver package offered by Foremost Motorcycle Insurance is tailored for riders seeking essential coverage at an affordable rate. This package includes $500 worth of helmet and safety apparel coverage, which is a fundamental need for all riders. It’s particularly suited for those who may not require extensive additional features but still value the assurance that comes with having their basic safety gear covered. This package represents a practical choice for casual riders or those who use their motorcycles infrequently, providing a layer of financial protection without the complexity of more extensive plans.

The Plus Package: Comprehensive Protection for Enthusiasts

The Plus package elevates the coverage significantly, catering to motorcycle enthusiasts who demand more from their insurance. It encompasses $1,500 for helmet and safety apparel and $3,500 for custom equipment, addressing the needs of riders who have invested in specialized gear and customizations. The inclusion of roadside assistance and trip interruption coverage reflects an understanding of the challenges faced during longer rides or tours. The addition of track day coverage and two years of new vehicle replacement cost coverage makes this package an attractive choice for more dedicated riders who spend considerable time on their motorcycles and seek a more comprehensive insurance solution.

The Elite Package: Premium Coverage for the Avid Rider

The Elite package represents the pinnacle of Foremost’s offerings, tailored for the most enthusiastic and committed riders. This package boasts $2,500 coverage for helmet and safety apparel and $5,000 for custom equipment, catering to those who have heavily invested in their riding gear and motorcycle customizations. It also includes enhanced benefits like diminishing deductible, deductible waiver, and rental motorcycle coverage, which are particularly valuable for riders who frequently travel or use rental services. Additionally, the package offers $2,000 coverage for personal effects at replacement cost and an extended five years of new vehicle replacement cost coverage, making it an ideal choice for riders seeking the most exhaustive protection and benefits.

The Economy Package: Basic Coverage for the Budget-Conscious Rider

While the details of the Economy package were not provided, typically, such plans cater to riders seeking basic insurance coverage at an economical price point. These plans are suitable for those who require essential protection without the need for extensive additional benefits, making them a practical choice for casual riders or those who use their motorcycles infrequently.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Foremost Motorcycle Insurance offers a range of packages that cater to the diverse needs of motorcycle riders. The Saver and Plus packages offer essential and comprehensive coverage respectively, suitable for casual to more serious riders. The Elite package, with its extensive coverage and premium benefits, is ideal for avid riders who seek the highest level of protection. For budget-conscious riders, an Economy-type package would typically provide necessary coverage without extra frills. This array of options ensures that every rider, regardless of their riding frequency, style, or budget, can find a plan that aligns with their specific requirements.

Overview of Foremost Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

Lay-Up Discount: A Seasonal Benefit

Foremost’s lay-up discount caters to riders who store their bikes for at least three months a year. This discount is particularly beneficial for those in regions with seasonal weather changes, allowing for cost savings during periods of non-use. The advantage here is that the insurance remains active year-round, providing flexibility for occasional rides even during the lay-up period.

Range of Additional Discounts

  • Advance Purchase Discount: Rewards proactive policyholders who obtain a quote and purchase a policy before their current one expires.
  • Locked Storage Discount: Offers savings for securing motorcycles in locked storage when not in use, promoting safety and theft prevention.
  • Loyalty Discount: Acknowledges and rewards customers who renew their motorcycle policies with Foremost.
  • Motorcycle Endorsement Discount: Available to riders who have met their state’s requirements and have a motorcycle endorsement on their license, encouraging legal compliance and safe riding practices.

Foremost Motorcycle Insurance provides a variety of discounts that cater to different aspects of motorcycle ownership and usage. These discounts not only offer financial benefits to policyholders but also encourage safe and responsible riding and bike storage practices.

Detailed Analysis of next Foremost Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

Motorcycle Safety Course Discount

For riders who prioritize safety and education, the Motorcycle Safety Course discount is available. It’s offered to those who have completed a course from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation or are instructors for the course. This discount not only provides financial benefits but also promotes a culture of safe riding, incentivizing riders to invest in their riding skills and safety knowledge.

Multi-Policy Discount

Foremost encourages the consolidation of insurance needs by offering a Multi-Policy discount. This discount applies to customers who hold multiple policies, such as homeowners, auto, and motorcycle insurance, either with Foremost or any Farmers company. It’s an excellent way for policyholders to manage their insurance portfolio more efficiently while enjoying cost savings.

Multi-Vehicle Discount

Foremost’s Multi-Vehicle discount caters to riders who own more than one bike. Insuring multiple motorcycles under the same policy can lead to significant savings, making this an attractive option for collectors or households with multiple riders.

Paid in Full Discount

The Paid in Full discount is applied to policyholders who pay their annual motorcycle insurance premium in one go. This discount rewards financial planning and offers a cost-effective approach to insurance payments.

Prior Insurance Discount

For riders who have maintained continuous coverage on their motorcycle, Foremost offers a Prior Insurance discount. This discount acknowledges the responsibility of maintaining consistent insurance coverage, providing financial benefits to loyal customers.

Safety Equipment Discount

The Safety Equipment discount is available for motorcycles equipped with specific safety features or anti-theft devices. This discount not only encourages riders to invest in safety equipment but also helps reduce the risk of theft, ultimately benefiting both the policyholder and the insurer.

Special Relationship with AARP and Additional Perks

Foremost’s relationship with AARP auto insurance is tailored towards senior riders, offering policies that consider their specific needs. A notable perk of an AARP Foremost motorcycle insurance policy is receiving a free DNA+ Forensic Coding system. This advanced theft deterrent system, applied to the bike, enhances security and peace of mind for riders.

Foremost Motorcycle Insurance offers a comprehensive range of discounts and perks, addressing various aspects of motorcycle ownership and riding habits. From safety-focused incentives to financial planning rewards, these discounts cater to a wide spectrum of riders, making Foremost a versatile and appealing choice in the motorcycle insurance market.

Analysis of Foremost Motorcycle Insurance

Pros of Foremost Motorcycle Insurance

  1. Unique Coverage Options: Offers specialized coverages like track day and transport trailer coverage.
  2. Accident Forgiveness: Includes this benefit in all policies, adding value for riders.
  3. Diverse Package Options: Saver, Plus, and Elite packages cater to varying coverage needs and budgets.
  4. Range of Discounts: Offers numerous discounts including safety course, multi-policy, multi-vehicle, and more.
  5. AARP Relationship: Tailors policies for senior riders with additional perks like the DNA+ Forensic Coding system.

Cons of Foremost Motorcycle Insurance

  1. Limited Medical Coverage in Basic Plans: Lower limits in Economy and Saver packages may not be sufficient for all riders.
  2. Economy Plan Limitations: Lacks flexibility in cancellation and interruption upgrades.

Tariff Analysis

  1. Elite Package: Offers extensive coverage, ideal for avid riders seeking comprehensive protection.
  2. Plus Package: Balances coverage and affordability, suitable for regular riders.
  3. Saver and Economy Packages: Offer basic coverage, more fitting for occasional riders or those on a budget.

Competitive Comparison

Foremost’s unique offerings like track day coverage and the relationship with AARP provide it with an edge over some competitors. However, other insurers might offer higher limits in medical coverage or more comprehensive basic plans.


Foremost Motorcycle Insurance stands out for its specialized coverage options, a wide range of discounts, and tailored packages for different rider needs. While it excels in providing unique coverage and benefits, riders should carefully assess the coverage limits and compare them with other insurers to ensure they choose a plan that best fits their specific needs and riding habits.

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