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In the landscape of 1993, a small yet ambitious venture took root. Seven Corners started as a two-man operation, driven by a singular goal: to forge an international travel insurance company renowned for its personalized customer service and superior products. The co-founders, Justin Tysdal and Jim Krampen, embarked on this journey with one retail product and a shared vision.

Evolution into a Multifunctional Entity

From its modest inception, Seven Corners has flourished under the steadfast leadership of its founders. It has transformed into a multifaceted organization, housing approximately 230 employees. Today, Seven Corners stands as a testament to growth and diversification, catering to a myriad of markets and addressing the needs of hundreds of thousands of members globally. Processing around 400 claims daily, the company encapsulates efficiency and reach.

Staying True to Core Values

Despite its relatively smaller size compared to industry giants, Seven Corners harbors ambitious plans rooted in its core values:

  1. Customers Come First: The company pledges unwavering dedication to its customers, placing their needs and satisfaction at the forefront of its operations.
  2. Innovation as a Cornerstone: Constant innovation and adaptation are the hallmarks of Seven Corners’ approach to service and product development.
  3. Integrity and Accountability: Doing the right thing and owning the solution encapsulate the company’s commitment to ethical practices and solution-oriented strategies.
  4. Precision in Execution: Precision in every action ensures the delivery of high-quality services and products.

A Culture of Transparency and Community

Seven Corners prides itself on transparency and customer satisfaction, valuing customer feedback as a catalyst for improvement. The company’s size is an advantage in this regard, allowing for nimble discussions and implementation of ideas, fostering a culture of constant enhancement.

A Collective of Real People Making Real Differences

At its core, Seven Corners is a collective of real individuals, from various teams like Marketing, Executive, Sales, Claims, and Customer Service, all united by a belief in community. This culture of connectivity extends to their customers, regardless of their location. Whether it’s assisting in choosing the right benefits or orchestrating complex emergency medical evacuations, Seven Corners is committed to making a meaningful impact in the lives of each customer, embodying the spirit of community in every interaction.

RoundTrip Choice Plan: Comprehensive and Acclaimed

The RoundTrip Choice plan is a top-tier option, offering extensive coverage that includes trip cancellation, interruption, and delay, as well as baggage loss. It’s highly rated for its comprehensive benefits, making it suitable for a wide range of travel needs.

Detailed Conclusion: This plan is particularly beneficial for travelers seeking extensive coverage for a variety of potential issues. Its comprehensive nature makes it an excellent choice for those who want to ensure that almost every aspect of their trip is protected, especially in uncertain times.

RoundTrip Basic Plan: Essential Coverage with Flexibility

The RoundTrip Basic plan provides essential travel coverage with a focus on flexibility, offering $100,000 in medical coverage and $250,000 for medical evacuation. It’s a practical choice for travelers with existing health insurance looking for additional travel-specific coverage.

This plan is ideal for travelers who need basic yet essential coverage. It’s particularly well-suited for those who already have primary health insurance but want the security of additional travel-focused coverage, especially considering the uncertainties related to Covid-19.

Liaison Travel Medical Plan: For Global Explorers

The Liaison Travel Medical plan is designed for those traveling outside the U.S., offering vital medical coverage with an optional Covid-19 add-on. This plan is a reliable choice for international travelers, providing peace of mind for health concerns abroad.

This plan is highly beneficial for international travelers, offering robust medical coverage which is crucial for those traveling to countries where they might not have easy access to healthcare. The optional Covid-19 coverage is a significant advantage in the current global health climate.

Liaison Student Plan: Tailor-made for Educational Travels

The Liaison Student plan caters specifically to students and faculty abroad, meeting most visa insurance requirements and offering optional Covid-19 coverage. It’s a specialized plan that addresses the unique challenges faced in international education.

This plan is exceptionally useful for students and faculty traveling abroad for education. It not only meets visa requirements but also provides tailored coverage that addresses the unique needs and challenges of living and studying in a foreign country.

Wander Frequent Traveler Plus Plan: For the Global Nomad

The Wander Frequent Traveler Plus plan is an annual travel insurance solution ideal for those with multiple international trips planned. It offers Covid-19 coverage and is designed for the needs of frequent travelers.

This plan is especially advantageous for frequent international travelers. It offers the convenience and security of knowing that all trips within a year are covered, including Covid-19 related issues, which is invaluable for those regularly traveling abroad.

Explore North America Plus Plan: Bridging Continents

The Explore North America Plus plan provides comprehensive medical benefits for non-U.S. citizens and residents traveling to the U.S. It includes Covid-19 coverage, making it essential for international visitors.

This plan is crucial for non-U.S. residents and citizens visiting the U.S., as it offers comprehensive medical coverage in a country known for high healthcare costs. The inclusion of Covid-19 coverage adds an extra layer of security in these uncertain times.

Inbound USA Plan: Welcoming the World

The Inbound USA plan offers medical coverage for non-U.S. citizens and residents traveling to the U.S., making it a vital option for these visitors. It’s tailored to provide peace of mind during their stay in the United States.

This plan is particularly important for visitors to the U.S., providing them with necessary medical coverage in a country where they might not have access to their home country’s health benefits. This ensures a worry-free visit to the U.S., especially in terms of health concerns.

In summary, Seven Corners’ diverse range of travel insurance plans underscores its commitment to providing tailored, comprehensive coverage for every kind of traveler. From the acclaimed RoundTrip Choice plan to the specialized Inbound USA plan, each offering is designed with the customer’s unique needs in mind. Whether it’s for a student abroad, a frequent international traveler, or a visitor to the U.S., Seven Corners ensures that its clients embark on their journeys with confidence and peace of mind.

Optional Add-ons: Enhancing Flexibility and Security

Seven Corners enhances its travel insurance offerings with optional add-ons, providing travelers with even more flexibility and security. These add-ons cater to a range of specific needs and scenarios, ensuring that clients can tailor their insurance coverage to their unique travel plans.

  1. “Cancel For Any Reason” (CFAR) Coverage: This add-on is a significant option for travelers seeking maximum flexibility. It allows policyholders to cancel their trip for reasons not covered in the standard policy, with a reimbursement rate of 75%. This feature is particularly beneficial in today’s unpredictable travel environment, where plans may change for a myriad of reasons beyond the usual scope of travel insurance.
  2. Optional Rental Car Damage Coverage: With coverage up to $35,000, this add-on is ideal for travelers who plan to rent vehicles during their trips. It offers peace of mind against potential damage to rental cars, which can be a significant financial risk during travels.
  3. Sports and Golf Equipment Rental Coverage: This specific coverage, offering up to $2,500 per item and a maximum of $5,000, is tailored for travelers engaging in sports or golfing activities during their trips. It’s a valuable addition for those concerned about the potential loss or damage of rented sports equipment.

These optional add-ons greatly enhance the utility and appeal of Seven Corners’ travel insurance plans. The CFAR coverage offers unprecedented flexibility, allowing travelers to adapt to unexpected changes without significant financial loss. The rental car damage coverage and sports equipment rental coverage address specific, often overlooked risks, adding an extra layer of security for travelers engaging in these activities. Collectively, these add-ons make Seven Corners’ travel insurance policies highly customizable, catering to a wide array of travel preferences and concerns.

Comprehensive 24/7 Travel Assistance by Seven Corners

Seven Corners goes beyond offering just insurance; it provides a lifeline to its clients through its 24/7 travel assistance service, known as Seven Corners Assist. This service is a cornerstone of their commitment to comprehensive traveler support, handling a wide array of challenges and emergencies that travelers might face.

  1. Political and Natural Disaster Evacuations: In today’s unpredictable global landscape, political unrest or natural disasters can occur unexpectedly. Seven Corners Assist offers invaluable support in such scenarios, coordinating evacuations to ensure the safety and well-being of travelers. This service is crucial for those traveling to politically volatile regions or areas prone to natural disasters.
  2. Lost Passport Assistance: Losing a passport abroad can be a daunting experience. Seven Corners Assist steps in to provide guidance and support, helping travelers navigate the process of obtaining a replacement, including contact with the nearest embassy.
  3. Embassy Contact Information: Seven Corners Assist provides travelers with vital contact information for embassies, which is essential in emergencies or for general inquiries while abroad.
  4. Hotel and Flight Re-bookings: Travel disruptions can be stressful. Seven Corners Assist aids in re-booking hotels and flights, alleviating the burden of making last-minute arrangements and potentially saving clients from additional expenses and inconvenience.
  5. Currency Rates and Local Weather Conditions: For everyday travel needs, this service offers information on local currency rates and weather conditions, helping travelers plan their activities and manage their finances more effectively during their trip.
  6. Inoculation and Visa Information: Navigating the requirements for inoculations and visas can be complex. Seven Corners Assist provides critical information on these requirements, ensuring travelers are well-prepared for their journeys.
  7. Referrals to Language Interpreters: In countries where language barriers exist, Seven Corners Assist can refer travelers to language interpreters, facilitating smoother communication and enhancing the overall travel experience.

Seven Corners’ 24/7 travel assistance service is an embodiment of their dedication to providing a holistic travel safety net. It addresses a broad spectrum of needs, from handling critical emergencies like evacuations and lost passports to offering practical daily travel support like hotel re-bookings and local information. This comprehensive assistance ensures that travelers are not just insured, but also supported in every aspect of their journey. It underscores the company’s understanding of the complexities of travel and its commitment to ensuring a seamless and secure experience for its clients. This service is a significant value addition, making Seven Corners’ travel insurance plans not just a financial safety net but a complete travel care package.

Analysis of Seven Corners Travel Insurance


  1. Comprehensive Plan Options: Seven Corners offers a range of plans including RoundTrip Choice, RoundTrip Basic, Liaison Travel Medical, Liaison Student, Wander Frequent Traveler Plus, Explore North America Plus, and Inbound USA. Each plan is tailored to specific travel needs, ensuring a wide range of options for different types of travelers.
  2. Flexibility and Customization: The availability of optional add-ons such as “Cancel For Any Reason” (CFAR) coverage, rental car damage coverage, and sports equipment rental coverage allows travelers to customize their insurance to their specific needs.
  3. 24/7 Travel Assistance: Seven Corners Assist provides round-the-clock support for a variety of issues, from political evacuations to lost passport assistance, adding significant value to their insurance offerings.
  4. Innovative Products: The inclusion of Covid-19 coverage in many of their plans and the specific focus on various travel scenarios (like student travel or frequent international travel) reflect Seven Corners’ commitment to innovation and adaptability in the travel insurance market.
  5. Customer-Centric Approach: With a focus on transparency, customer feedback, and a community-oriented culture, Seven Corners emphasizes a customer-first approach in all its services.


  1. Relative Size: As a smaller company compared to some of its competitors, Seven Corners may not have the same level of resources or global reach, which could impact its ability to handle a large volume of claims or provide services in certain regions.
  2. Limited Information on Specific Plan Benefits: While the variety of plans is extensive, potential customers might find it challenging to compare specific benefits and exclusions within each plan without deeper research.
  3. Coverage Limitations: Certain plans have caps on coverage (like $100,000 in medical coverage for the RoundTrip Basic plan), which might not be sufficient for all travelers, especially in high-cost destinations or for high-risk activities.

Comparative Analysis of Tariff Plans

When compared to competitors, Seven Corners’ plans stand out in terms of their specialized offerings and optional add-ons.

  1. RoundTrip Choice and Basic Plans: These plans offer comprehensive trip protection, with the Choice plan being more extensive. They compare favorably with competitors, especially with the inclusion of Covid-19 coverage, which is not universally offered.
  2. Liaison Plans: These are specifically advantageous for international travelers and students, offering tailored coverage that might not be as specifically addressed by other insurers.
  3. Wander Frequent Traveler Plus: This plan is particularly beneficial for frequent travelers, covering multiple trips annually, a feature that is distinct and highly valuable for a niche market.
  4. Explore North America Plus and Inbound USA Plans: These plans are specifically designed for non-U.S. citizens and residents, a unique offering that sets Seven Corners apart from many competitors who may not have such specialized options.

Detailed Conclusions

Seven Corners Travel Insurance offers a diverse and well-thought-out range of insurance plans, catering to a wide variety of travel needs. The company’s strengths lie in its comprehensive coverage options, innovative products tailored for specific travel scenarios, and a strong customer-centric approach. While it faces challenges due to its smaller size and certain limitations in coverage caps, its unique offerings like 24/7 travel assistance and specialized plans for different traveler demographics make it a competitive option in the travel insurance market.

The company’s focus on flexibility, as evidenced by their various optional add-ons, and their commitment to staying relevant with contemporary travel concerns (like Covid-19 coverage) further enhance their appeal. Overall, Seven Corners Travel Insurance appears to be a strong contender in the travel insurance sector, particularly for travelers seeking specific, customizable, and innovative insurance solutions.

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