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In the pantheon of insurance purveyors, American Family has ascended to an enviable position, ensconced as the second-ranking entity in our 2023 compendium, its luminescence eclipsed solely by the stellar USAA. Hailing from the heart of Madison, Wisconsin, this institution first unfurled its banners in the year 1927, initially carving its niche as a humble guardian of regional automobilists. Now, its ambitions have burgeoned like a great American oak, offering a comprehensive suite of insurance wares across a swath of nineteen states, with the Midwest and the West serving as its mainstay strongholds.

Topping the chart in Claims Handling as per our study.Limited reach with services in just 19 states.
Policyholders give stellar reviews for customer service in our polls.Competing insurers provide more economical pricing options.

Is American Family Car Insurance worth it?

In the grand ledger of insurance acclaim, American Family perches with distinction, securing the second rank amidst the throngs of competitors, as discerned by the laudatory voices of its clientele in our meticulous survey. This esteemed institution hovers at the zenith, or tantalizingly near it, across a tapestry of our evaluative categories— garnering accolades in Customer Service, securing devotion in Customer Loyalty, and kindling the promise of renewal and referrals. In the delicate art of Claims Handling, it stands peerless, the solitary sovereign by our measure.

When it comes to the matter of rates, American Family demonstrates a judicious balance, tendering figures that fall graciously below the nation’s medians, courting favor with gentlemen and ladies of every venerable age. And in the eyes of motorists, whose driving histories are blotted with infractions or whose fortunes are dimmed by unfavorable credit, the company emerges as a beacon of fiscal reprieve, a haven more affordable than the multitude of its brethren.

American Family Customer Service

Within the tapestry of American Family’s clientele, a resounding chorus of satisfaction bellows forth—no less than nine out of ten bearers of its policies proclaim themselves contented, if not wholly enraptured, by the customer service bestowed upon them. In this realm, the company’s repute gleams with exceptional luster, as the survey responses attest, vaulting it to the upper echelons of our ratings, shadowed only by the illustrious USAA in customer service satisfaction.

The company’s prowess extends to the accessibility of its helplines—the ease with which patrons can beckon assistance is noted with favor in our surveys. Furthermore, a minuscule faction of their clientele has voiced grievances, placing American Family in the enviable position of having the scantiest share of dissatisfied voices—a testament to its commitment to service that emerges as both seamless and satisfactory.

American Family Claims Handling

In the intricate ballet of insurance intricacies, American Family ascends as the maestro of claims handling, outshining all others in our analytical tableau. Its patrons sing praises for the simplicity with which they lay their claims, the clarity of communication as their claims navigate the procedural labyrinth, and the eventual resolutions that follow. Indeed, a striking majority, some 87%, of those who have danced this dance emerge contented, their voices in our survey resonate with satisfaction for the manner in which their claims were orchestrated. Meanwhile, a mere sliver, slightly above 3%, report disenchantment, a diminutive dissent in an otherwise harmonious chorus of approval.

American Family Customer Loyalty

In the realm of customer allegiance, American Family stands with a dignified poise, its score a robust 4.4 out of the conceivable 5, in an august tie with the venerable USAA for the pinnacle of this subcategory in the year of our Lord, 2023. The survey of the people serves as a testament, with a resounding 90% declaring their intentions to tether themselves anew to American Family’s offerings when the cycle of renewal dawns, while a scant trifle, just a shade above 3%, cast their gaze elsewhere, pondering a departure from the fold.

How Much Is American Family Car Insurance cost?

Our scholarly probe yields a figure, a yearly sum of $1,383, that which the drivers allied with American Family are accustomed to disbursing. This numeral, it whispers softly beneath the grand national median of $1,547, suggesting a modest boon for the wallet. Yet, in the pantheon of fiscal prudence, USAA, Geico, State Farm, and Travelers stand yet more frugal, their averages promising further savings. But let not one’s spirit wane, for the algorithms of rate determination are byzantine, entwining age, the storied tapestry of one’s driving escapades, and a multitude of factors; in these interstices, American Family may yet emerge as the more merciful purveyor against one, or perchance, several of its counterparts. Above them all looms Allstate, the zenith of expense in our study’s chronicle, demanding an annual tribute of $2,135.

American Family Rates for Teen Drivers

In the fiscal narrative of insuring youthful charioteers, a tale of cost unfolds, often quadrupling, yea, even more, for these novices than for the seasoned navigators of life’s highways, as our ledger with meticulous detail did reveal in the case of establishments like Farmers and Progressive. Yet, under the aegis of American Family, the monetary burden for a 17-year-old steward of the wheel treads lighter, casting a sum merely 2.5 times that of the national mean imposed upon a venerable 60-year-old driver.

While the ledgers of expense for such youthful ventures are by no means insubstantial, American Family presents a reprieve, tendering a sum approximately $1,500 beneath the national average for the 17-year-old damsel, and $2,000 below for her male counterpart. USAA emerges as the harbinger of the most frugal rates for these young aspirants—$3,129 for the maiden and $3,364 for the young sir—though its services are a sanctum solely for those of martial fraternity.

For those outside the embrace of USAA’s specialized clientele, Geico rises as the harbinger of fiscal mercy for the adolescent male, with rates about 35% leaner than the national midpoint. For the damsels in their teens, State Farm bestows its benevolence, offering rates that similarly shy away by 35% from the national average, laying claim as the second sanctuary of affordability in this youthful insurance odyssey.

American Family Rates for Young Adult Drivers

As drivers cross the Rubicon of their 25th year, there unfolds a substantial descent in the premiums for their chariots’ assurance—a noteworthy plunge exceeding $3,000 for the lady drivers and approaching a precipitous $5,000 for the gentlemen, when cast against the tariffs charged to their youthful, teenaged selves. In the scroll of our meticulous study, it is etched that American Family bestows a modest largesse, sparing the 25-year-old female motorist some $150 beneath the national norm, and the male by about $200.

Yet it is Farmers that ascends to the pinnacle of expense in this demographic, demanding an annual tribute of $2,385 for the lady and $2,594 for the gentleman driver. On the other hand, USAA, in its cloistered service to the military cadre and their kin, emerges as the beacon of frugality, extending to the young adult dames and sires rates of $1,219 and $1,280 respectively.

Nipping at USAA’s heels, Geico proffers rates that dwell significantly below the national median—23% more congenial to the purse of the young adult female, and 27% more so for her male counterpart, thus ensconcing itself as the second bastion of monetary relief in this age and sector.

American Family Rates for Adult Drivers

In the prime of their years, those who find their automotive fate entwined with American Family witness a pecuniary grace, their annual dues standing $200 leaner than the grand national tally for vehicular insurance, a parity unswayed by the hand of gender. Yet, in this gathering of fiscal figures, it is USAA that lays claim to the crown of economy, paring down the cost by a further $350 yearly in comparison to American Family, a benefit bestowed equally upon both the gentlewoman and gentleman driver.

Geico, too, steps forth with an offer of thrift, its rates poised $270 under the national crest for the female pilot, and $246 less burdensome for the male, presenting itself as a haven for motorists navigating the financial straits of this age category.

Allstate, by the pen of our study, commands the premium of the premiums, its rates soaring to nearly $800 above what American Family requires—casting it as the most opulent of demands within this cohort of drivers.

American Family Rates for Senior Drivers

As the years accumulate, a certain frugality in the realm of car insurance emerges, a truism regardless of the insurer, yet our investigation reveals that American Family offers a notable advantage for the more venerable driver. A woman graced with six decades may rejoice in a yearly saving of some $110 beneath the national mean with American Family, while a man of equal seasoning enjoys a boon of $160.

Yet, it is USAA that claims the laurel of utmost thrift, presenting savings in the order of $350 below that of American Family for the seasoned driver, a generosity indifferent to the driver’s gender. In the chase for frugality, State Farm follows with an earnest stride, proffering the silver tier of savings—$198 for the lady and $242 for the gentleman of seasoned years—thus standing as a steadfast choice against the national tide.

In the symphony of fiscal prudence, American Family orchestrates a suite of reductions, playing a concerto of discounts that resonates well with its clientele. A solid majority, some 69%, express contentment, even outright satisfaction, with the economic clemencies offered. Among these, American Family extends an array of rebates, harmonized into categories for ease of understanding:

Safety Discounts:

  • The Auto Safety Equipment discount rewards those who embrace the guardians of the road in their vehicles.
  • The Teen Safe Driver discount celebrates the cautious novitiate behind the wheel.
  • The Defensive Driver discount honors the seasoned traveler who partakes in honing their roadcraft.

Performance Discounts:

  • The Good Driving discount lauds the unblemished record of passage.
  • The Low Mileage discount recognizes the virtue of limited sojourns.
  • The KnowYourDrive discount acknowledges those who willingly allow their driving to be monitored for safe practices.
  • The Good Student discount commends the scholarly youth who navigate academia with diligence.
  • The Steer Into Savings Discount guides patrons toward fiscal restraint through company-prescribed practices.

Bundle Discounts:

  • The Multi-vehicle discount favors the household that entrusts a fleet to American Family’s care.
  • The Multipolicy discount rewards the commitment of multiple protections under their auspice.
  • The Multi-product discount extends gratitude to those who see fit to diversify their insurance portfolio with American Family.

Additional Discounts:

  • The Loyalty discount venerates the steadfast patronage of clients.
  • The Early Bird discount flutters down to those who, with foresight, secure their insurance ahead of time.
  • The Generational discount weaves a tapestry of continuity, bestowing benefits on families with deep roots in the company.
  • The Away at School discount casts a benevolent eye on the youth who pursue knowledge afar.
  • The Young Volunteer discount salutes the altruistic spirit of the juvenile benefactor.
  • The Auto Pay discount streamlines the pecuniary interaction, passing on savings for automated transactions.
  • The Customer Full Pay discount favors the patron who renders their dues in one full sweep.
  • The Paperless discount whispers of modernity and environmental consciousness, rewarding the eschewal of the physical document.

In this tapestry, each thread represents a potential for savings, a testament to American Family’s commitment to weave affordability into the protective cloak of insurance.

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