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In the corridors of American commerce, where the rubber of aspiration meets the hard road of reality, Progressive has stood not merely as a witness but as a stalwart participant since the year of 1937. It’s a tapestry of trust and toil that has rendered it the third titan of auto insurance on the vast highways of the U.S. economy. With the precision of a legal clerk, it claims the No. 10 title in the ledger of 2023’s Best Car Insurance Companies, and with the scrutiny of a seasoned attorney, it scrutinizes the No. 7 berth in our study of national average annual rates.

Lower-than-average annual rates for drivers with poor credit or with a DUI on their recordHas the second-highest rates on average for teen drivers
Offers a good selection of discountsRanks last for customer loyalty

Is Progressive Car Insurance Good?

The scales of financial justice tilt slightly in favor of Progressive, whose average annual rate undercuts the national mean by a mere $7. Yet, delve into the demographic details and you’ll find the figures often soaring above the national norm. Like a courtroom packed with eager onlookers, our analysis ranks Progressive at a solid No. 10 for customer allegiance. It’s a courtroom drama where Progressive shares the No. 8 spot for customer service and stands shoulder to shoulder with others at No. 7 for claims handling.

Progressive Customer Service

In the court of customer opinion, Progressive and Allstate stand together, tied for the No. 8 position in the category of service to those they serve. When the jury of our survey respondents were queried, 47% delivered a verdict of complete satisfaction with the accessibility of Progressive’s customer service. Yet, the gavel falls with a slightly softer blow as the number dips to 46% for those fully content with the service received. But, as any astute lawyer knows, the story takes a twist when claimants step into the witness box, with the satisfaction score climbing to 55% among those who testified to the ease and quality of service in the aftermath of a claim.

Progressive Claims Handling

When the docket moves to the matter of claims resolution, Progressive stands in alliance with Travelers and Allstate, staking a claim to the No. 7 spot. A majority of 52% of our survey’s respondents would take the stand and swear to their complete satisfaction with the claim-filing process. As for the ongoing communication, the jury is slightly less unanimous, with 48% fully satisfied with the updates on their ongoing claims. And when the final verdict on claim resolution is read, a more robust 54% would affirm their complete satisfaction. In the courtroom of claims handling, Progressive presents a case that is both compelling and commendable.

Progressive Customer Loyalty

In the grand narrative of insurance, where every policyholder is both protagonist and judge, the question of allegiance is paramount. When probed if they would stand as ambassadors for Progressive, advocating for its service to those in search of automotive protection, 40% of our surveyed patrons raised their hands in favor. Yet, the plot thickens at the crossroads of renewal—55% swear a silent oath to return to Progressive’s fold. Among those who have navigated the trials of claims, a steadfast 42% are ready to herald Progressive’s virtues to the uninitiated. And tipping the scales, a majority of 51% signal their intent to once again entrust their vehicular fate to Progressive’s keeping.

How Much Is Progressive Car Insurance?

The fiscal tale of Progressive weaves almost seamlessly with the national narrative, the difference being a paltry $7. The actuarial tables turn, however, when the characters of our story are teen drivers, whose premiums eclipse the national median, suggesting a premium on youthful exuberance. Yet for the elders, those seasoned travelers of life’s highways, Progressive offers a reprieve, easing the financial burden. For the driver marked by a solitary accident, the cost is a shadow higher than average, but for the one who bears the scarlet letters of a DUI, Progressive offers a surprising clemency, undercutting the average.

Progressive Rates for Teen Drivers

The tale of insuring youth under Progressive’s watch speaks of a greater burden—a premium that surpasses the national average by a sum of $2,693 for the female neophyte and $2,775 for her male counterpart. When cast against the backdrop of USAA’s offerings, Progressive’s narrative grows more complex; it stands as a costly second choice, with rates surpassing USAA’s by over $4,600 for young women and $5,100 for young men. Yet, this option remains beyond reach for those outside the military fraternity. In this market of youthful risk and reward, Farmers claims the zenith of expense, eclipsing Progressive by a margin that counts in the hundreds. For those charting a course through the troubled waters of teen insurance, State Farm emerges as a beacon for young women, while Geico charts a less costly path for young men.

Progressive Rates for Young Adult Drivers

The journey through the landscape of insurance is often fraught with the unexpected turns of premiums and policies. Progressive, mirroring the national average, charts a course slightly above calm waters, asking $126 more of its young female navigators and a $67 surplus from the males. In the great expanse of coverage, USAA emerges from the horizon with the lowest fares, charting a course that saves young adult sailors more than $660 for females and nearly $650 for males when compared to Progressive. Yet, when Farmers looms like a looming squall, Progressive finds safer harbor, sparing young females around $500 and males over $660 from Farmers’ treacherous high tides. Geico, like a steadfast lighthouse, shines with the second-lowest rates, guiding both male and female young adults with a steadier beam.

Progressive Rates for Adult Drivers

As the road levels out for adult drivers, Progressive’s path runs parallel to the nation’s, veering off by a mere $10 for females and curving under by $58 for males. Yet, through the rearview mirror, USAA’s rates reflect a more scenic route, offering a $540 yearly reduction for women and a $480 cutback for men compared to Progressive’s path. Allstate, like a steep overpass, presents the steepest climb—over $600 for females and around $640 for males more than Progressive. Geico and State Farm, akin to reliable mile markers, indicate the No. 2 and No. 3 spots for the least costly cross-country treks for adult drivers.

Progressive Rates for Senior Drivers

For the senior voyagers, Progressive paves a road of savings, carving $86 from the average for women and $105 for men. Yet the road less traveled, with USAA’s guidance, offers an even more economical journey—nearly $375 less for women and almost $400 less for men than the routes of Progressive. Against Allstate’s steep and costly passage, Progressive grants a reprieve of over $670 for women and $685 for men. State Farm and Geico follow, charting their own competitive trails with the second and third most favorable fares for the seasoned travelers.

Progressive Car Insurance Discounts

In the dim-lit offices where policyholders pore over the fine print of their insurance contracts, the question of discounts looms large, like the shadow of an unseen judge. Within the walls of this fiscal courtroom, a mere 39% of our surveyed constituents rendered a verdict of complete satisfaction with the reductions Progressive parceled out. And when the case was made for the good driver tracking program, only 27% banged their gavels in full approval. Yet, in a turn of events as intriguing as a courtroom twist, satisfaction nudged upwards to 33% among those who had weathered the storm of a claim and emerged on the other side.

Vehicle & Safety Discounts

The evidence presented in the case for savings is compelling. Progressive offers a trinity of discounts designed for the vigilant driver who keeps their eyes wide open and their record clean:

  • Multi-car: Like a legal strategy strengthening with numbers, this discount rewards those who insure more than one chariot under the same banner.
  • Snapshot: safe driver: A device akin to a silent witness, monitoring every turn and stop, ready to testify on behalf of the safest drivers.
  • Teen driver: A nod to the young apprentice at the wheel, starting their journey under the watchful eyes of both parents and Progressive.

Additional Discounts

The discounts don’t end there; Progressive’s portfolio of premium slashes reads like a list of exhibits, each one a potential turning point in the trial for affordability:

  • Multi-policy: Bundling, as lawyers do with cases, brings its own rewards.
  • Continuous insurance: Loyalty, like a lengthy tenure in a firm, is recognized.
  • Homeowner: Owning a piece of the American dream yields its own fiscal fruits.
  • Online quote: The modern convenience of digital dealings is incentivized.
  • Sign online: A signature, once pen on paper, now clicked in silence, comes with its perks.
  • Paperless: The environmental plea to save the trees does not go unheard.
  • Pay in full: Settling the account, much like a case, in one fell swoop has its benefits.
  • Automatic payment: The ease of transactions as seamless as a well-argued case.
  • Good student: Academic prowess, much like legal acumen, is acknowledged.
  • Distant student: The student far from home, but not from Progressive’s protective gaze.

Best Price for Drivers With a DUI

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