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Down yonder in San Antonio, back in the roaring ’22, a band of Army officers come together with a notion as clever as a fox in a henhouse. They decided they’d just go ahead and insure their own motorized buggies. And that, my friends, was the humble commencement of USAA.

Nowadays, USAA ain’t just whistling Dixie; they cater to the bravest of the brave, the soldiers and their kin, offering not just assurance against misfortune but a whole mess of monetary dealings.

Let me lay out the meat and potatoes for ya:

  • First off, USAA’s got their finances figured so fine that they can offer some of the leanest rates for auto assurance this side of the Mississippi, according to the number crunchers and ledger lookers we’ve consulted.
  • Second, their policyholders are as steadfast as a riverboat captain in a storm. Our survey says these folks stick to USAA through high water and low.
  • Lastly, when it comes to settling up claims, USAA’s got a reputation shinier than a new nickel. They do a bang-up job in other departments, too, don’t you doubt it.

So that’s the lay of the land, as I might tell it, if I were spinning a yarn by the riverbank, about this modern fortress of financial security they call USAA.

Our Top-Ranked Auto Insurance Company for 2023: USAA

Now, let me spin you a yarn about the crème de la crème of horseless carriage insurers in the year of our Lord, 2023. It’s none other than the USAA, outshining every last competitor in a grand parade of categories. This fine establishment offered the most reasonable tariffs for securing your buggy against mishaps, not just on average, mind you, but for young bucks and old timers, ladies and gents, and all manner of folks in between.

And if that don’t butter your bread, USAA was hailed far and wide for their obliging service, with folks keen to sing their praises. More often than not, these contented souls were inclined to stick with USAA when the time came to renew or even to commend it to friends and kinfolk, more so than any other insurer in this great land. Though, in the one arena of Claims Handling, they had to tip their hats to American Family, which managed to nab the top spot by a hair.

USAA Customer Service

Now, speaking of customer service, USAA stood tall with a score that’d make a mother proud, 4.4 out of a possible 5, nudging just ahead of the pack. Their competitors, American Family and State Farm, were nipping at their heels with a tally of 4.3 each. It’s worth noting that a handsome 90% of the good folks who entrusted their carriages to USAA were tickled pink with the service they received.

USAA Claims Handling

In the Claims Handling scuffle, USAA, bless their hearts, had to settle for the silver with a respectable 4.2 score. American Family, with just a whisker’s lead, perched at 4.3. While USAA was lauded high and low, they just couldn’t outpace American Family when it came to the satisfaction in the claims tussle, from the ease of crying havoc to the happy resolution of the affair. Still, a solid 84% of USAA’s clientele were content with the outcome of their claims.

USAA Customer Loyalty

When it comes to sticking through thick and thin, USAA’s customers are a loyal bunch, with 96% likely to renew their acquaintance with the insurer. That’s a feather in their cap, especially considering the next in line, American Family, had a 91% loyalty rate. At the far end of the stick, the patrons of Farmers seemed a mite less inclined to renew, as per our reckonings. Now, that’s the lay of the land in the world of carriage insurance as Mark Twain might’ve quipped, had he been asked about such modern contrivances.

How Much Is USAA Car Insurance?

Well, gather ’round, because here’s the part that tickles the wallet. According to our ledger deep-dive, USAA car insurance is as cheap as a church mouse’s dinner, with an average yearly rate of just $1,022. That, my friends, is a sum that’ll keep more than a few extra greenbacks in your satchel, particularly when you reckon it’s about $500 less than what the broad landscape of insurers across the nation will charge ya.

Now, when you take a gander at the particulars, USAA don’t play favorites—no sir. Whether you’re long in the tooth or fresh on the life’s road, a gentleman or a lady, USAA has got the rates that’ll make you feel like you’ve struck gold at Sutter’s Mill. And it don’t stop there. If you’ve had a bit of a mishap on the road, like a solitary accident or an encounter with the law over a sip too many, USAA still beats the average rates like a champion.

Let’s not forget the folks whose credit is as spotty as a leopard’s hide. USAA comes through with rates that are kinder than a grandma’s advice, saving some of these good people between $1,000 and $2,000 a year compared to the average Joe’s rates. That’s true for the young’uns who just got the reins in their hands and for those who’ve hit a bump or two on credit’s bumpy road.

In short, USAA’s pricing on car insurance is like finding a horseshoe—plumb lucky, especially for those who might have a blemish or two on their ledgers.

USAA Rates for Teen Drivers

Now, for the sprightly teen drivers, bless their hearts, USAA rolls out rates as sweet as Aunt Polly’s apple pie. In our reckonin’, they’re savin’ these youngsters nearly a couple thousand dollars annually—that’s $2,000 for the young lasses and a whopping $2,400 for the lads, against what the national figures would gouge ’em. Considering that these greenhorns usually fork over more greenbacks than any other age group, a wise soul knows to look around for a bargain. And wouldn’t you know it, Farmers is charging the moon and stars, asking $8,178 for a filly and $8,911 for a young buck, annually.

For those not donning the uniform, there’s still hope with the likes of Geico or State Farm. Geico, standing proud at second place, cuts about 35% off for the young chaps, while State Farm does the same good service for the gals.

USAA Rates for Young Adult Drivers

As the young’uns age and gain a mite bit of sense, the purse strings don’t have to stretch quite as much. USAA’s got a rate for the young ladies that’ll save ’em about $500 a year below what the nation would generally ask, and for the young gents, it’s around $600 less. And Farmers? They’re still up there, billing $2,385 for a 25-year-old lady and $2,594 for the gents, the priciest in the parade.

USAA Rates for Adult Drivers

Movin’ along to the adult drivers, USAA shows once again they’re not just whistlin’ Dixie when it comes to being the most economical. Our studies show they’re savin’ folks near ’bout $500 a year, without a care for whether it’s a gent or a lady. Allstate’s at the other end, with a rate that’ll make your eyes water—$2,092 for a lady and $2,069 for a gent, annually.

USAA Rates for Senior Drivers

Now, when it comes to the silver-haired drivers, wisdom does seem to come with a discount, no matter who’s holding the purse. But USAA, true to form, offers the most modest rates for these experienced souls—close to $500 less than the average. Allstate, meanwhile, is askin’ for a sum that could make a banker blush: $1,918 for a dame and $1,956 for a gent. State Farm ain’t far behind USAA, offering second-best rates that’ll let the seniors keep a tidy sum, with Geico trotting in at third.

In all, no matter the age, USAA seems to treat their clients as kindly as a Southern hostess with a fresh batch of iced tea on a hot summer’s day.

USAA Car Insurance Discounts

Now, let me spin you a tale of the fine folks over at USAA, who offer discounts as plentiful as the stars in the Missouri sky. ‘Tis true that their rates are as low as the bottomland in a drought, but they sprinkle on savings like a summer rain. A whole 71% of the good people polled were grinnin’ like possums eatin’ sweet potatoes over the discounts USAA hands out. Here’s the lay of the land when it comes to shaving pennies off their asking price:

Safety Discounts

  • They’ll knock off a bit for those contraptions that deter thieves.
  • Got yourself a shiny new carriage? There’s a discount for that.
  • And for those piloting their wagons with the care of a saint, there’s the SafePilot reward.

Performance Discounts

  • Keep your driving record as clean as a new slate? That’ll put some coin back in your purse.
  • If you steer clear of trouble on the road, they’ll tip their hat with a Safe Driver discount.
  • Take a turn in Defensive Driver Training, and you’ll see a few dollars less on your bill.
  • Young folks who’ve learned the reins through a Basic Driver Training Course get a nod as well.
  • And the bright sparks keeping their grades up? They get a pat on the back and a Good Student discount.

Employment Discounts

  • If your home’s on a military base, there’s a bit of thanks in the form of a discount.
  • Those serving far afield with their wagons stored, there’s a Deployment/Storing discount waiting.
  • And if you’re not hitching up your horses as much these days, the Driving Less discount’s for you.

Additional Discounts

  • Roll more than one vehicle into their care, and you’ll save with the Multi-vehicle discount.
  • Bundle your policies like a raft on the river with Bundle and Save.
  • Stick with them like family, and you’ll earn the Loyal Member discount.
  • And speaking of kin, the Family discount keeps it all in the clan.

USAA’s discounts are as varied and bountiful as Grandma’s Thanksgiving table, each one a savory bite out of your expenses, leaving more in your pocket for life’s sweet pleasures.

Best for Military Members & Veterans

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