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Nationwide, sharing the fifth spot with Erie in the 2023 home insurance company rankings, delivers a foundational coverage plan enhanced with unique offerings not commonly found in its competitors’ standard packages.

Core Coverages Enhanced: Credit and Debit Safeguards. Nationwide sets itself apart by integrating credit and debit card misuse protections into its basic coverage. This facet is designed to mitigate the financial damage from unauthorized transactions and forged checks, providing a valuable safety net for personal finances.

Medical and Additional Structure Coverage: Beyond the Basics. Their standard policy goes beyond the walls of one’s home, encompassing medical payments for injuries occurring on the property, insuring additional structures, and providing for living expenses in the wake of uninhabitable loss scenarios. Furthermore, Nationwide includes ordinance or law insurance, a crucial coverage to bring a home up to current building codes after a loss.

Customizable Add-Ons: Tailored Protection. Nationwide’s catalog of optional coverages allows policyholders to tailor their protection. This includes identity theft protection, water backup coverage, safeguarding valuable items, and specific earthquake coverage, which comes with its own deductible.

Discounts and Financial Incentives: Cost-Saving Opportunities. The insurer incentivizes customers with various discounts, rewarding claims-free histories, and offering price reductions for bundled policies. They also encourage the installation of safety and security devices with financial discounts.

Competitive Pricing and Financial Reliability. With a sample monthly rate of $145, Nationwide stands as a cost-effective choice among its peers. Backed by an A+ rating from AM Best, the insurer is recognized for its financial strength and stability.

Nationwide offers a compelling mix of essential home insurance coverage, enhanced with unique protections and customizable options. The balance of competitive pricing, financial reliability, and opportunities for discounts makes it an attractive option for homeowners. However, as with any insurance decision, individual needs and circumstances will dictate whether Nationwide is the best fit for a homeowner’s specific situation.

What Home Insurance Coverage Options Are Standard From Nationwide?

Nationwide’s standard homeowners insurance policy is a multi-faceted plan designed to offer broad protections across various aspects of property and personal liability.

Dwelling: The Core of Home Coverage

The policy’s bedrock is the dwelling coverage, stepping in to repair or replace the structural integrity of your house, including integral parts like garages and decks.

Other Structures: The Peripheral Protectors

Beyond the main residence, Nationwide extends its arm to shield detached entities on your property. Structures such as gazebos, fences, or sheds fall under this umbrella of coverage.

Personal Property: Safeguarding Home Contents

The possessions within the four walls of your home hold value and memories, and Nationwide’s policy envelops these items in its protective fold.

Personal Liability: The Legal Lifeline

In the turbulent seas of liability, where legal storms can arise, this coverage serves as a lifeline if you or a household member faces lawsuits or is held liable for damages or injuries to others.

Guest Medical Payments: Hospitality and Healing Combined

A measure of care for visitors, this facet of the policy addresses the medical costs if a guest is injured on your premises, ensuring hospitality doesn’t come at a high cost.

Ordinance or Law Insurance: Code Compliance Coverage

Should your abode fall short of contemporary building codes post-loss, this coverage contributes to the necessary upgrades, keeping your restoration compliant and contemporary.

Loss of Use: The Comfort Continuity Clause

If a covered loss uproots you from your home, the loss of use coverage helps maintain your lifestyle, covering the added expenses of temporary accommodation, meals, and other necessities.

Credit Card Insurance: Financial Fraud Fortification

In an age of digital deceit, this coverage stands as a financial shield against the fallout from forged checks, counterfeit currency, and unauthorized card transactions.

Nationwide’s standard home insurance offerings provide a comprehensive safety net for homeowners. From structural protection to personal liability and additional living expenses, the coverage is extensive. The inclusion of credit card insurance is a noteworthy addition, reflecting an understanding of modern financial risks. As a whole, Nationwide’s policy is designed to bring homeowners assurance and peace of mind in the face of unforeseen events and liabilities.

What Additional Homeowners Insurance Coverages Are Offered by Nationwide?

Nationwide not only provides foundational home insurance coverage but also offers a suite of additional coverages to allow homeowners to customize their policies further.

Tailoring with Add-Ons: Customizable Coverage Choices

  • Earthquake Insurance: For those in tremor-prone territories, Nationwide offers an earthquake insurance policy, which comes with its own deductible, to cover damages to both the home and its contents.
  • Flood Insurance: Recognizing the ravages of flooding, Nationwide partners with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to provide flood insurance, a critical coverage in flood-susceptible areas.
  • Brand New Belongings: Nationwide provides an option to elevate personal property coverage from the actual cash value, which factors in depreciation, to replacement cost. This ensures the full price of brand-new equivalents is covered, not just the depreciated value.
  • Better Roof Replacement: In case of roof damage due to a covered loss, this coverage ensures the replacement uses superior materials, potentially enhancing your home’s durability and value.
  • Identity Theft: In response to the digital age’s vulnerabilities, Nationwide offers up to $25,000 in reimbursement for victims of identity theft and related cybercrimes.
  • Dwelling Replacement Cost: This coverage doubles down on dwelling protection, allowing for an increase in coverage to ensure your home can be rebuilt to current standards after a covered claim, even in the face of inflating costs.
  • Water Backup: For incidents involving sump pump failures or sewage backups, this coverage steps in to handle the resulting water damage, a common and often overlooked risk.
  • Valuables Plus: High-value items such as antiques, fine art, and jewelry can be insured for their appraised value, offering peace of mind for your most precious belongings.

Nationwide’s additional coverages provide a tailored insurance experience, enabling homeowners to enhance their policies to fit specific needs and concerns. From natural disaster protection to addressing modern threats like identity theft, Nationwide’s add-ons ensure that homeowners can secure comprehensive protection that adapts to both the predictable and the unexpected.

What Homeowners Insurance Discounts Are Offered by Nationwide?

Nationwide Insurance recognizes the value of incentivizing responsible homeownership and risk mitigation strategies through various discounts. Here’s a deeper dive into each of the offerings:

Multi-Policy Savings: The Bundling Benefit
Homeowners who consolidate their insurance needs under Nationwide’s umbrella can enjoy significant savings. By combining home insurance with auto, or even renters, motorcycle, boat, and life insurance, Nationwide offers up to a 20% discount, simplifying management and reducing overall insurance costs.

Gated Community Guarantee: The Security Discount
Living within the fortified confines of a gated community not only provides physical security but also financial benefits. Nationwide rewards this added layer of protection with discounts for homes accessed by key-locks, security personnel, or resident access cards.

Protective Devices Deductions: The Safety Incentive
Installing devices that deter theft or detect fires can lead to lower premiums. Nationwide recognizes the value of burglar alarms, fire alarms, and smoke detectors by offering discounts that acknowledge the homeowner’s investment in proactive safety measures.

Claims-Free Concessions: The No-Claim Recognition
For each year a homeowner goes without filing a claim, Nationwide acknowledges this claims-free status with potential savings. This discount celebrates the homeowner’s diligence and property maintenance, which helps prevent incidents.

Home Renovation Rewards: The Update Incentive
Investments in home improvements, particularly those that enhance the efficiency and safety of cooling, heating, plumbing, and electrical systems, can lead to reduced insurance rates. Nationwide values these upgrades as they often reduce the risk of damage and claims.

Roof Rating Reductions: The Material Matters Markdown
The materials used in your roof and its age can impact your insurance rates. Nationwide offers discounts for using certain types of materials that are deemed more durable or resistant to hazards, rewarding choices that may extend the life and integrity of the roof.

New Home Purchase Perks: The Recent Buyer Bonus
For those who have recently entered into homeownership, Nationwide extends a discount, acknowledging the acquisition of a property within the last year, which often indicates fewer immediate risks due to recent inspections and repairs.

Prior Insurance Premium: The Loyalty Lowering
Continuity in insurance coverage is rewarded; if you’ve maintained an uninterrupted policy with a previous insurer, Nationwide may offer a discount on your new policy as a nod to your consistent coverage history.

Smart Home Special: The Tech-Savvy Subtraction
In select states, Nationwide encourages the adoption of smart home technologies by offering a discount for installing systems like the Notion Smart Home Monitoring System, which can prevent or quickly detect issues in the home.

State-Specific Stipulations: The Regional Reality
Nationwide’s discounts are subject to state availability and regulations. Homeowners should consult with their Nationwide agent to explore which discounts they are eligible for, ensuring they capitalize on all possible savings specific to their location and circumstances.

Nationwide’s discount strategies reflect an understanding of the various ways homeowners can reduce their risk profiles. From bundling policies to embracing smart technology, these discounts not only make financial sense for the insurer but also provide tangible benefits to the homeowner, fostering a partnership in proactive protection and financial prudence.

Advantages of Choosing Nationwide for Homeowners Insurance:

  • Wide Range of Coverages: Nationwide offers a diverse selection of both standard and additional coverage options, allowing homeowners to tailor their policies to their specific needs.
  • Unique Add-Ons: Specialized coverages such as Better Roof Replacement and Brand New Belongings are not commonly found with all competitors.
  • Discount Opportunities: There are multiple discounts available, such as for multi-policy bundling, claims-free periods, and protective devices, which can significantly lower insurance costs.
  • Financial Stability: With an A+ rating from AM Best, Nationwide has a strong financial foundation, ensuring reliability in paying out claims.
  • Accessibility: Nationwide provides various ways for customers to get quotes and manage their policies, including online tools and local agents.

Disadvantages of Choosing Nationwide for Homeowners Insurance:

  • Cost Variability: While Nationwide offers a competitive sample monthly rate, actual rates can vary widely based on individual circumstances and locations, potentially making it less competitive for some.
  • Discount Limitations: Not all discounts are available in every state, which can limit savings opportunities for some policyholders.
  • Complexity of Choices: The sheer number of coverage options and discounts can be overwhelming and may require more effort from the homeowner to fully understand the best policy structure for their needs.


Nationwide stands out as a robust option for homeowners insurance, with its extensive coverage options, potential for discounts, and financial reliability. The ability to customize policies with unique add-ons can be particularly beneficial for homeowners with specific concerns. However, the cost benefits may vary depending on individual circumstances, and navigating the complexity of the policy options may require additional time and consultation. Homeowners should weigh these pros and cons against their personal insurance needs, preferences for customer service, and financial priorities when considering Nationwide as their insurer.

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