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In the intricate maze of the life insurance market, Bestow emerges as the undisputed champion, according to our meticulous scrutiny. It stands unchallenged at the pinnacle of term life insurance, as well as being the quintessential provider for those seeking life insurance sans the customary medical examination rigmarole.

Delving into the genesis and operations of Bestow:

With its roots deeply planted in the bustling metropolis of Dallas, the year 2016 witnessed the inception of Bestow. This establishment is no run-of-the-mill insurance peddler but a purveyor of individual term life insurance policies crafted with precision. Bestow assumes the mantle of a bona fide agent, forging alliances with venerable institutions such as the North American Company for Life and Health Insurance, which bestows legitimacy upon the policies.

Bestow’s ethos is encapsulated in its dedication to a process devoid of the usual encumbrances, making the acquisition of term life insurance as swift and effortless as the turn of a page. The firm extends its services to those between the tender age of 18 and the seasoned age of 60, offering a financial shield that spans from $50,000 to an impressive $1.5 million. The terms of these policies are as varied as the chapters of a mystery novel, stretching from a concise 10 years to a comprehensive 30 years, with the plot thickening at every five-year interval.

As if entering the heart of a labyrinthine plot, applicants wade into the digital realm of Bestow’s website, armed only with shards of personal data. With a few keystrokes, they summon an instant rate quote, as if by some arcane knowledge. Should the spirits move them, these seekers of insurance truth can venture forth with an online application. With the shadow of the medical examination banished from this narrative, the path from application to approval is but a brisk stroll through the corridors of time, sometimes lasting a mere handful of minutes.

The tale of Bestow’s policies is a focused one. They offer a singular tome — a term life insurance policy that promises a payout upon the demise of the insured, a stark and uncompromising finale. Yet, in this tale, there are no subplots or riders to divert or complicate the narrative. The policies that Bestow provides are underwritten by the venerable North American Company for Life and Health Insurance.

As for the bounds of this financial shield, the coverage limits of a Bestow policy are as wide as the range of motives in a courtroom drama — from $50,000 to a grand $1.5 million. But, as with any gripping tale, there are restrictions that hold the plot in check: the protective embrace of Bestow’s term life insurance is reserved exclusively for characters aged 18 to 60, a detail as critical as the alibi in a whodunit.

Term Life Insurance Options From Bestow

Bestow’s narrative has garnered a notable accolade, securing a place within our esteemed Best Term Life Insurance Companies directory. The policies proffered by Bestow are not mere trivial chapters but significant volumes, with coverage stretching from $50,000 to the lofty sum of $1.5 million. The protagonists of these policies are individuals whose ages fall between the youthful dawn of 18 and the seasoned eve of 60 at the time of the policy’s inception. The plot of their insurance tales can span from a brisk decade to a long-winded three, with the passage of time marked in five-year increments. For those characters who find themselves between the seasoned chapters of 50 and 60, the saga may be somewhat abridged, with a ceiling of $1 million in coverage.

In this particular story of insurance, however, there is a twist: policies do not renew like the recurring motifs in a series of detective novels. As one approaches the denouement of their term, they stand at a crossroads: to secure a new policy is to begin a fresh chapter. To ensure continuity—a seamless narrative without the interruption of an insurance interlude—one must embark on the quest for new coverage before the final pages of their current policy have been turned. This strategic foresight allows the policyholder to weave a seamless tapestry of protection, ensuring that the story of their security continues without an untimely cliffhanger.

How Do I Buy Life Insurance From Bestow?

In the digital age tableau that Bestow has painted, the entire application process — from the embryonic stage of an initial quote to the full maturity of final approval — unfolds within the virtual world. Like the intricate web of clues in a detective’s casebook, prospective policyholders weave their personal narrative through answering a series of probing inquiries. These delve into the annals of their medical history and the daily walks of their lifestyle, pieces of a puzzle that, when assembled, reveal the premium of their tale.

Choice, that powerful instrument of free will, is at the policyholder’s fingertips. One must select the term length of their policy — this temporal canvas on which their insurance story will be drawn —and the coverage amount, which serves as the financial brushstroke defining the value of their life’s masterpiece. Beneficiaries, those characters who will inherit the story’s conclusion, must also be named, each a potential protagonist in a subsequent narrative spun from the policyholder’s legacy.

Yet, in this modern odyssey, none must navigate the labyrinth alone. Should questions or perplexities arise, akin to the cryptic riddles that confound the sleuth, Bestow has proffered the guidance of licensed agents. These sentinels of the insurance realm can be summoned via the telephone, the swift dispatches of email, or the instantaneous communion of live chat. Here, in this seamless melding of technology and human touch, Bestow upholds its promise to make the journey of securing term life insurance as navigable as the most well-trodden paths of old.

Bestow vs. Haven Life Competition

The decision on which insurance provider is more advantageous, Bestow or Haven Life, hinges on an individual’s specific insurance needs, preferences, and circumstances. Here are several considerations to help determine which might be more beneficial:

Bestow Advantages:

  • Simplicity: Bestow offers a straightforward term life product, which could be advantageous for those seeking an uncomplicated insurance solution.
  • Age Range: It serves a broad age range, from 18 to 60, which is inclusive of many life stages.
  • No Medical Exam: The absence of a medical exam for all applicants simplifies and speeds up the application process.
  • High Coverage Option: With coverage up to $1.5 million, it caters well to those seeking higher insurance amounts without the need for a medical exam.

Haven Life Advantages:

  • Product Variety: Haven Life provides more options, including the Haven Simple for quick coverage without a medical exam and the Haven Term for more extensive coverage that might require a medical exam.
  • Higher Coverage Limits: With up to $3 million in coverage, Haven Term is suited for those who need higher coverage amounts.
  • Additional Benefits: The Haven Life Plus rider offers benefits beyond the death benefit, such as online estate planning and fitness app subscriptions, adding value for some customers.
  • AM Best Rating: Haven Life has a slightly higher AM Best rating (A++ compared to Bestow’s A+), which may give some customers greater confidence in the company’s financial strength and claims-paying ability.

Considerations for Decision Making:

  • State Availability: Haven Life has state restrictions, so for those in excluded states, Bestow may be the only option of the two.
  • Health and Medical Exam: If someone prefers to avoid medical exams entirely, Bestow would be the better choice. However, if one is in good health and doesn’t mind undergoing a medical exam, Haven Life could provide more competitive rates or higher coverage.
  • Riders and Benefits: For individuals looking for additional benefits like an accelerated death benefit or online will creation, Haven Life’s riders may offer more attractive options.
  • Age and Term Flexibility: Haven Life caters to individuals up to age 64 and offers a wider range of term lengths, which may be preferable for older applicants or those wanting shorter-term coverage.

Ultimately, the choice between Bestow and Haven Life should be based on the individual’s insurance needs, their comfort with online processes, the desired speed of coverage, health status, coverage needs, and whether additional policy features are important. It is always recommended to get quotes from both providers and possibly consult with a financial advisor to determine the best fit for one’s personal situation.

Best Life Insurance Company of 2023

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